Customer Analytics is key to piece together the big picture.

The push towards products and services with a deeper connection to the customer never has been as important as it is today. The proliferation of social media, new business models, open information, and ever-increasing choices provide companies with an opportunity to tap into its customers’ needs and desires.

Although the objective of customer satisfaction has not changed, new approaches are being developed to provide a 360-degree view of the customer. These new methods include linking in-store purchases, online activity, and surveys with social media.

Data, analytics, and predictive modelling are helping organizations to predict their customers’ present and future needs. These tools are redefining how businesses interact with their customers.

Customer Analytics

Key objectives of customer journey include:


  1. Lead Scoring
  2. Lookalike Modelling
  3. Response Modelling


  1. Customer Segmentation
  2. Customer 360 View
  3. Survey Analytics
  4. Customer Experience


  1. Pricing & Promotions
  2. Personalization
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Up-sell / Cros-Sell


  1. Customer Churn
  2. Loyalty Analytics
  3. Customer Service Analytics
  4. Contact Analytics