Financial analytics can help to make fact-based, data-driven strategic decisions.

Financial institutions use data and analysis to help make decisions throughout their operations, from customer acquisition to back-office functions. They look to algorithms and analytics to improve efficiency, grow revenues, and provide personalized experiences for customers.

Within Banking and Financial Services, advanced solutions must balance industry-specific nuances with compliance with several regulatory requirements. Financial Institutions need to balance customer insights with customer privacy, model accuracy with transparency, and automation with human touch.

Our value-based analytics approach has helped our banking and financial service clients focus on both “enhancing” and “protecting” value to achieve a significant impact on both top line and bottom line.

Finance Analytics

Key features of marketing analytics:

Marketing and Acquisition

  1. Integrate external data to support better customer decisions
  2. Use offer-mix and marketing tools to increase response
  3. Value-centric underwriting and scorecards

Portfolio Management

  1. Use behavioural scoring to increase share of wallet
  2. Monitor credit risk
  3. Effective fraud prevention strategies
  4. Enhance Customer Lifetime Value
  5. Target collections and recovery

Customer Experience

  1. Boost interactions through digital channels
  2. Use proactive strategies to manage churn
  3. Individualize customer contact
  4. Brand Equity Analytics
  5. Chatbots, Location-based services, Personal Financial Management

Risk and Regulatory

  1. Stress test, DFAST/CCAR/IFRS9
  3. Model validation and model governance
  4. Fair lending assessment
  5. Loss forecasting