Data is the fuel, cloud is the catalyst, and AI is the impetus for change.

Now more than ever, companies are leveraging their data assets to augment human decision-making. AI helps your organization predict trends, identify opportunities, and anticipate and mitigate disruptions. Augmenting processes with AI opens new avenues for savings and optimization.

Machine learning models can help your business understand and predict future trends, leading to innovative strategies and new revenue streams. When used effectively, these models will improve over time, enabling businesses to make the most effective decisions for the longest time possible.

While AI has an amazing array of use cases, it is by no means a substitute for human skills and business sense. To get the most from AI, businesses need to create data sets that are highly specific and accurate. Furthermore, they must develop the skills necessary to operationalize and maintain the AI-driven processes they implement

When we underinvest in people and processes, we lose momentum with AI. It’s so easy to launch a series of successful AI pilots that companies can quickly find themselves going nowhere fast. To achieve AI at scale across the organization, you need the right approach and focus on change management strategy.

It is equally important to note that while AI brings multiple opportunities to businesses, those same businesses also accept incredible responsibility. The output produced by AI technology has a significant effect on both people’s and industry’s lives, leading to major questions surrounding AI ethics, trust, and legality.  

Even more so the more decisions a business puts into the hands of AI, the more they accept great risks, such as reputational, privacy, health and safety.

To achieve significant benefits from their AI investments, organizations will have to look beyond automation and focus on learning, transformation, and a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. They must also adapt as needed to changing context, circumstances, and scenarios

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