Machine learning models help companies make better business decisions by drawing inferences from data.

Advanced machine learning models use mathematical algorithms to determine signals within your data and dynamic solutions that provide greater business transparency. They use advanced deep learning approaches to help you determine complex patterns from unstructured data sources, or to predict the most likely value or category based on past behavior.

The latest advances in AI have been achieved through the use of machine learning to analyze vast quantities of data. The algorithms learn how to make predictions by processing data and experiences, rather than being told what to do by programmers. They also adapt in response to new data and experiences over time, becoming more effective as they encounter new information.

Types of Machine Learning Models (in the order of increasing complexity)
Types of Machine Learning Models

However most of the organizations are stuck at the initial stages. Driving maturity and scale the use of ML requires understanding how to codify the organization’s institutional knowledge, distill complex business rules, and convert high-level decision making into actionable information.