The agency had a mandate to efficiently move people throughout its regional network. 

Business problem and key objectives

The client had massive amounts of data being generated from operating regional bus and train services. The client had continued to pour significant investment in their existing data infrastructure – fragmented databases, flat files and multiple Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW). 

With a mandate to synergize their business units to drive improved customer experience, increased revenues and reduced operational costs, the organization faced a paramount challenge in leveraging its data effectively. 

Due to the organizational challenges and the limitations of the current technology infrastructure, the forward-looking CIO engaged us to define an ideal architecture that would enable the organization for the next decade and beyond.

Approach & Outcome

Key themes recommended: (1) drive end-to-end data visibility to help build data trust, (2) Centrally curate certain key data assets (3) Implement a central Data Lake to become a golden source of organizational data, (4) democratize data by implementing a data catalog supported by consistent metadata.

Established data ingestion frameworks for loading batch and streaming data feeds.

Defined policies to manage the lifecycle of the data at various levels of enrichment and aggregation. Curated datasets would be made available consistently to business units.

Established a framework to insert and update metadata into a data catalog. Data catalog is a centre-piece of the “Data-Aware” strategy. 

Define policies for authentication/authorization, security, privacy, and data de-identification.

Recommended implementation strategy to help stand-up the entire infrastructure from ground-up as well a data migration strategy to continue sustaining existing business processes.

Impact & Benefit

Better utilization of resources and improvement in insights

Increase consumption of data and enablement of enterprise analytics and accessibility of data

Reduced infrastructure costs