Cloud computing is changing the way businesses look at information technology.

Our strategic thinking and proven experience can help you advance your digital transformation with Cloud adoption. Migrating to cloud is not just an opportunity to switch your services, it’s a chance to be more successful than ever before.

Long touted as the solution to businesses’ data and technology challenges, cloud computing has also brought about its own set of challenges: namely, a bewildering array of cloud solutions, in addition to ambiguity about the impact each solution is likely to have on your business. Our cloud consultation services help you make the most of your technology investment by providing solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business..

Cloud Computing

Our dedicated cloud consulting services include:


Identify cloud initiatives that support key business drivers, business cases and strategies to help organizations adopt cloud solutions as an operating model while aligning cloud adoption with their overarching business strategy.

  1. Cloud Governance/ Risk/ Compliance framework
  2. Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  3. Roadmap of cloud adoption and change management


Our cloud migration services are provided by expert Cloud Architects. They assess your applications’ readiness and choose from a range of strategies to optimize the process according to time constraints and budgets.

  1. System readiness and migration prioritization
  2. Multi-cloud and hybrid architectures
  3. Rehosting
  4. Platforming
  5. Refactoring

Native Development

Our team of application developers and infrastructure architects help realize increased scalability, flexibility and cost savings by refactoring applications with cloud-native technologies.

  1. Containerization, serverless computing and other cloud-optimized techniques
  2. Cost optimization
  3. DevOps


Cloud services that provide organizations with access to innovation and unique ideas to expand their business in ways previously thought impossible.

  1. Quick Proof-of-Concepts and rapid prototyping
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Distributed and Trustless ledger using Blockchain
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Next generation technologies

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